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I am a computer science engineer starting a PhD on frugal cloud services. I’m particularly interested in the impact of digital technology on the environment. I also worked in the mainframe security field for 3 years. Feel free to check my Linkedin for more info


Mainframe footprint and consumption, an evaluation based on sustainable IT approach (master thesis)

Information and communications technology (ICT) must be integrated into a sustainable approach due to their strong growth, which generates an increasingly significant carbon footprint. To apply a digital sobriety approach, we started by studying the possible variations in power consumption valuation methods to a mainframe server. After having justified that the software valuation would be the most appropriate, we demonstrated by a practical study that it was not suficient given the high static consumption of a mainframe server and the consumption of the related non-CPU external components. By estimating the overall consumption and carbon footprint of Groupe BPCE’s mainframe platform, we justified that they were similar to an x86 platform with the same availability constraints. Finally, we detailed the specificities of the mainframe ecosystem and its possible evolutions to justify what a sustainable mainframe platform would be.

Feel free to check the full report for more details

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